The Instrumentals - Community Orchestras

We provide quality, accessible and inclusive community ensemble music making for string and woodwind players of all ages. Located in Perth, Western Australia, we are friendly, relaxed and un-auditioned orchestras! If you’re interested in playing with us, we have groups for children and intermediate adults. in Fremantle and Victoria Park. Check out our webpages and then email us to find out more at:

The Instrumentals offers great opportunities for ensemble playing:

STRING BEANS — Enjoy group playing with others. For primary school children who can read some music, the Beans develop their ensemble technique and performance skills.

THE HARVEST ENSEMBLE — workshops for upper primary/high school players who want to extend their ensemble playing in a friendly and fun environment.

AWKWARDSTRA — a beginner/intermediate adult orchestra. If you can play a woodwind or string instrument and can read music - the AWKS are for you! We always need more cello players.

we have been playing together for a few years and are now a proud if slightly shaky intermediate level group of adult players.  We always need more violin players.

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