The Instrumentals - Community Orchestras

We provide quality, accessible and inclusive community ensemble music making for string and woodwind players of all ages!

We are friendly, relaxed and un-auditioned!  Joining one of our groups just requires you to have some idea about reading music and, for adults, the enthusiasm to revisit long forgotten childhood talent, or to take up a new challenge as an adult learning an instrument! 

The Instrumentals offer four great opportunities for ensemble playing:

BEAN SPROUTS  -  for brand new, have-a go string beginners. Borrow an instrument and enjoy small group lessons with other beginners.

BUDS  for kids who have been learning for a year. The Buds learn technique and are introduced to the skills of ensemble playing.

STRING BEANS -   for kids with a bit more experience. The Beans develop their ensemble technique and performance skills.

DORKESTRA  - a group of adults with one thing in common - they struggle to play their musical instruments in time, in tune and with the notes in the right order… but have a lot of fun trying!


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