“The infectious rhythmic style of Stephen Bulla’s Subway Stomp was recently recorded live by the Dorkestra for a select audience. Played for the most part in time and with notes in tune and in the right sequence, this creative sleuthy number tells us much about the Dorkestra’s emerging skills as one of Fremantle’s most musically challenged groups. With the jazzy harmonies of the violins, clarinet and flutes held together by the plucking strong performance of the cellos and violas echoing the eerie stomp of footsteps, Maestro Daemon Clark leads his orchestra through the dark corners of the “subway” to emerge triumphant on the pavement in the bright light of day! It’s amazing how these try-hard non-musicians have risen from their earlier hits of the Dr Who theme tune and Gluck’s more challenging Dance of the Furies to almost master Bulla’s Subway Stomp. Onya Dorks!” – Ward 6A Monitor

“The deliberate use of disharmony works well in this performance” – Aircellist Weekly

      “A triumph” – Royal Perth Review


  • NoFCAD won the Premier’s Australian Day Active Citizenship Award
  • The String Beans were ranked ‘excellent’ at the ABODA Orchestra Festivals C Division