Located in Perth, Western Australia, we are a volunteer-run organisation designed to offer friendly, relaxed and un-auditioned ensemble opportunities for young and old. To join you just require some idea about reading music and, for adults, the enthusiasm to revisit long forgotten childhood talent or to take up a new challenge as an adult learning an instrument!

Our ensembles include:

STRING BEANS – primary school students  developing technique and performance skills.

HARVEST ENSEMBLE - workshops for young adults playing in a group.

THE AWKWARDSTRA – a beginner-intermediate adult group enjoying the challenge of re-acquainting themselves with an earlier musical interest or joining an ensemble for the first time.

THE DORKESTRA – an intermediate group for adult string and woodwind players.


Dorkestra_27 copy

Daemon Clark, Maestro and legendary conductor, specialises in bringing joy to people in the early stages of their playing experience. As well as conducting the String Beans, Harvesters, Awkwardstra, and Dorkestra for the Instrumentals, he takes the Summer Strings at the Perth Summer Orchestra Camp and tutors for the West Australian Youth Orchestra. Daemon teaches violin and takes ensembles at Hale School and is a keen violinist himself, performing regularly at St Mary’s Cathedral and as a member of Mill Point Quartet, Bonsemble and Trio Destello. Daemon's endlessly generous enthusiasm for conducting is much appreciated by us all. Without him we would be much much worse!